How To Sync Your Employee List With iScout

It’s easy to manually create and update employee profiles within iScout, but many companies wish to automate this process. For example, you probably have an HR system with employee details like name, employee number, email address, etc. Typically you’ll want to sync this data with iScout weekly, daily, or even several times a day. The […]

Integrating iScout with Your Company’s Business Intelligence Tools

Many companies wish to integrate iScout data into their own dashboards or BI tools. iScout makes this possible through the iScout API. The API contains documentation on getting connected, making a request, available endpoints, code samples, a sandbox, and more. Using the iScout API, your company can pull JSON or CSV data on-demand and […]

Integrating iScout Reports Into Google Sheets

Companies often wish to import iScout data into their own dashboards or databases. This is made possible through the iScout API. In this example, we’ll share how to automatically sync iScout data into a Google Sheets document. STEP 1) GET A TOKEN Login to your iScout account Go to Control Panel > API  Generate an API token (it […]

How to Open a CSV Spreadsheet in Mac Excel Without Losing Leading Zeros

Excel loves to reformat your data when you open a file. Unfortunately, that means it might remove “leading” zeros when you open a spreadsheet. For example, your employee numbers may start with a few zeros, “0001024”. Excel (trying to be helpful) removes those zeros and now you see “1024”. That’s a bummer if your extra […]