Back to Work Safely with iScout

As we return to work, it’s clear that business is at the forefront of managing the COVID-19
pandemic. To keep people safe and a company operating successfully, businesses require detailed situational awareness to adhere to diverse and shifting guidelines across multiple regions. Challenges like limited group size, travel restrictions, and more, create hurdles to business as usual, but also opportunities to adapt and improve moving forward.

Businesses need a strategy, a way to implement the strategy, and tools to measure its effectiveness. iScout is ready to help businesses achieve the four keys to getting back to work: Communicate, Organize, Execute, and Verify.

iScout allows users to establish and implement return to work readiness plans, make data driven decisions, and take real time action when necessary. The highly configurable nature of the platform lets each customer launch unique, business specific strategies to help keep workers safe and informed, as well as compliant with guidelines and restrictions.

Four Keys to get Back to Work

1. Communicate

2. Organize

3. Execute

4. Verify

Communicate with iScout


Share a quick message with your team on the iScout home screen or in the free iScout apps for iOS and Android. Messages can include formatting such as headings, colors, bold, italics, lists, and more. Also include links to documents or other workflow processes.

  • Post pertinent information to employees
  • Provide safety, HR or operational reminders
  • Give quick access with clickable links
  • Post real time updates in app and website
  • Provide easy access to emergency response management


Acknowledgments allow for quick information sharing and confirmation of receipt. Optionally, they can include attachments and require electronic signatures if desired. iScout tracks which employees have signed off, and which have not.

  • Send safety and operational reminders
  • Obtain and store a confirmation receipt of new or changed policies
  • Effectively communicate from a distance, and verify acceptance

Organize with iScout


Share an unlimited library of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, videos, and documents with team members – both in-house and in the field. Typical documents include standard operating procedures (SOPs), employee handbooks, safety data sheets (SDS sheets), emergency contact lists, client policy documents, and more.

  • Avoid the paper distribution of documentation
  • Create a central point of access for all types of documentation
  • Post emergency management protocols, policies or other important documents

Equipment & Assets

iScout’s Asset Management lets users track and complete inspections for any type of asset. Create the inspection form, schedule when they’re due, assign responsibility, and iScout will automatically track status and assign tasks to keep things running smoothly.

  • Manage facility cleaning & disinfection procedures and checklists
  • Create app-based access to asset information
  • Coordinate facilities and employee shift-based responsibilities

Driver Qualifications

The Driver Qualifications add-on in iScout simplifies the process of creating and maintaining DOT driver files, such as medical examiner’s certificate, motor vehicle reports, driver’s certification of violations, and other required documents according to FMCSA 49 CFR 391.

  • Create quick access for drivers to view documentation
  • Avoid in-person interaction or handling of paper copies
  • Provide alerts for expiring documents

Execute with iScout

Open Tasks

iScout maintains a proactive list of Open Tasks for each user on the home screen and in the app. The number of open tasks is also shown as a badge on the app icon, making it clear the system needs their attention. Tasks are automatically generated for things like training, inspections, follow-ups, acknowledgment sign-offs, and more.

  • One place for tasks and communications
  • Employees know when training is due and stay current
  • Users easily manage inspections of assigned equipment
  • Mobile access with or without email


Build any paper form into iScout using the form builder. Create audits, inspections, incident and observation reports, daily questionnaires, and more. Forms can be simple with just a few questions or complex to capture more in depth data.

  • Go paperless with forms, reports, and checklists to avoid contact
  • Create an employee wellness assessment to determine suitability for returning to work
  • Confirm PPE utilization and social distancing measures
  • Set instant alerts for non compliance or high risk responses
  • Create a contact tracer (manually track health related interactions to minimize the spread of COVID 19
  • Provide cleaning & disinfecting checklists for facilities, equipment, etc.
  • Import COVID focused forms from the Library and edit as needed

2020 Training

Training needs to be conducted without gathering employees in large groups or classrooms. 2020 Training offers a pre-built library of lessons (over 60 lessons and growing). Easily change the text, quiz questions, narration, or any other element of the training lesson. Another option is to create custom content, and allow for easy completion through the website or app.

  • Quickly create relevant monthly safety meetings and avoid classroom settings
  • Train up your workforce to meet new business demands
  • Review previous incidents, ongoing prevention strategies, and best practices
  • Create operation and procedural refreshers

Verify with iScout


Keep the team informed of system activity in real time through email or push notification. Users can set notification criteria to receive alerts of information most important to them. Alerts in iScout increase awareness and quicken action.

  • Receive instant updates from the field for any type of response
  • Notifications can be sent based on concerning situations,employees, or other hazardous situations
  • Receive copies of form responses, including wellness questionnaires, training reports, equipment statuses, and more


Data drives decisions. iScout users can automate the reporting process and provide their employees the data they need to quickly make informed decisions. iScout users can setup daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual reports that automatically get emailed to the team.

  • Start of day report of employee health information
  • Confirm equipment is being cleaned & disinfected before and after use
  • Schedule a weekly report to verify employees are current on training
  • End of day report of overdue employee tasks

Question of the Day

The QOD feature, which is part of 2020 Training, is a training component designed to take seconds to participate. Enhance a training curriculum by scheduling simple, daily questions to your team. Content is received through email or push notification. Participants review the information, select an answer, and view the leaderboard. QOD lets supervisors continually verify training competency in small doses throughout the week.

  • Provide quick safety and operational reminders, reinforcing back to work procedures and protocols
  • Create engagement among participants
  • Enhance a training curriculum with bite sized information specific to the immediate issues

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