There’s no doubt that good job training early on is the foundation of any employee’s success. But what’s the value of ongoing training for employees who have been with your company through highs, lows, and everything in between? 

Safety specific training is critically important for providing a safe workplace, keeping employees free from injury or illness.  However, a training program is much more than just safety topics. 

Companies who continue to invest in their employees’ job education after the initial onboarding see 218% more income per employee than companies without formal training. In a recent survey, 70% of respondents claimed that ongoing job-related training influenced their decision to stay in their current position, while 87% cited that access to professional development was a major factor in choosing to remain with a company.

If you’re still not convinced that employee training is critical to your success, these additional five reasons make a strong case for teaching “old” employees new tricks:

1. Employee Performance Improves

Trained employees are capable employees. They have the knowledge they need to do their job correctly and the confidence they need to succeed. Ongoing training gives them more insight into their role and responsibilities, especially as your company undergoes shifts over time. The better your employees are at weathering these shifts with your company, the better they can help you maintain a competitive edge in the market.

2. Job Satisfaction Rates Skyrocket

When employees can work with confidence, they’re better positioned to take pride in their work. They know how they’re helping to push the company forward and the value they bring to the organization. As a result, job satisfaction remains high and will help employees stay focused and motivated.

3. Productivity Increases

Good training is all about efficient communication. When you can streamline your messaging to your employees, productivity becomes a by-product. Training can inspire employees to learn new, faster ways of doing things and resist the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality. As they learn and grow their skills and knowledge, they become faster and more efficient in their work. 

4. Fewer Errors are Recorded

Another point worth mentioning about confidence is that it also helps to improve accuracy. Employees who have done things for a certain way for a long period may not realize there’s a better, faster way to do things. Some may not recognize the errors they’ve made along the way.

When fewer errors are made, companies automatically see an increase in productivity and profits. They don’t have to spend time and money going back to fix issues that could have been avoided with proper training.

5. Employee Retention Peaks

Employees who are happy and feel like the company has invested in them professionally are more likely to remain in their positions compared to employees who fly under the radar. In fact, one study found that 33% of employees leave the company because they are bored. 

On the job training can provide challenging professional development every employee needs to improve their work and give them a persuasive reason to remain with your company.

At iScout, we make it easy to deliver valuable training to your team members, particularly when it comes to health and safety topics that can significantly impact your safety record and bottom line. 

Explore iScout EHS training today and discover an easier path to professional development.

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