Everyone has a decision filter. The way we take in, perceive, and use information is different. Past experience, personal bias, and cultural influence all play a role.

Our decision filters become critically important in the stormy seasons, which threaten not only our personal health and safety, but also that of our family, friends and communities. Factual and timely information, expert-based recommendations, and the best practice measures for health and safety can become life critical in the decisions we make.

Social Distancing

We’ve all become aware of the term social distancing in the past few weeks. It is a strategy encouraged by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a trusted source of information and guidance during a health crisis.

Social distancing is a term applied to certain actions and behaviors, intended to stop or slow the spread of a highly contagious disease.

According to public health officials, social distancing is a deliberate effort to increase the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness.

As we all take in the recommendations and guidance provided from the CDC, World Health Organization, and other trusted sources, it is crucial we take them seriously and allow them to influence our decision filter to be highly influenced by them. Along with guidance from the experts, we wanted to share some of our favorite quotes that can help reinforce our decision filters during this time.

Quotes to Influence our Decisions

“When it’s raining outside, don’t worry about the number of raindrops falling, just prepare yourself to stay dry”

The best protection again the COVID-19 virus is to avoid it completely. There are many tactics to protect ourselves and others, but perhaps the best measure is to just stay home.

Planning is important, and we must be prepared to protect ourselves and others when making essential trips, working in critical infrastructure industries, or other demands that put us around other people. However, if we can completely avoid discretionary travel and eliminate the risk of being around others, this gives us the best level of protection. It’s not about planning to avoid the raindrops, it’s about staying completely dry.

“Think positive… act like you have it”

We can all learn a thing or two from Ferris Bueller. Although he left the house on an epic adventure, which is not what we want, he was able to get out of school for a day. His ability to fool his parents was impressive.

Have that same mentality, and think positive. By acting in a manner as though have the virus, it can enforce the importance to stay home, stay aware from others, wash your hands, apply a cloth covering, and so on. Be an actor.

“What should be done eventually, must be done immediately”

Often times we delay making decisions that are difficult, or we wait to make one until we are forced to. Although, we typically have our mind made up from the beginning… we’re just dragging our feet. We know what needs to happen.

When in the midst of a health and safety threat, do what needs to be done now. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. When you know it will be done eventually, do it immediately.

“If it feels extreme, it’s exactly the right time. If it feels the right time, it’s too late”

Leaders are in a tough spot. They are seeking information, consulting with experts, and doing all they can to be as proactive as possible. Some decisions, recommendations, or even orders being enforced, which can seem overboard. The questions come… why would we be doing this now? Isn’t it too early for this?

This quote is a good gauge to ensure we are ahead of the game and acting as proactive as possible. If it feels extreme, be confident it’s the right time. If we wait until it feels right, then it’s likely too late.

Common Unity

Facing a global pandemic is challenging. It requires extreme measures to keep ourselves and others safe, and to avoid overwhelming our health care system.

Although it isn’t easy, or any fun, social distancing is a key strategy in preventing the transmission of an infectious disease.

Our common unity is we are all in this together.

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