SSO · Azure AD Instance

Note* At this time, SSO can only be used for authentication. We do not provision profiles through SSO. To setup a specific Azure AD Instance we will need the following Application (client) ID Directory (tenant) ID OpenID Connect metadata document Application (client) Secret Value Overview Register application Configure authentication Generate application secret Configure branding 1. […]

Window-Based Training Schedule

This guide covers Window-Based training. The other type of training is a Rolling Schedule. Overview “Window” schedule trainings allow you to setup a window of time each year that a training is completed. This is for annual trainings only. Employees are considered up-to-date if they completed it last time the training was offered. For example, I want everyone […]

Billing Management

If you have the proper permissions, you can view and manage billing information for your iScout account. Here’s how to access the Billing Management section: Navigate to Control Panel > Billing Inside the Billing section, the Overview tab will contain this information The current billing period The next invoice date The date that invoice will be due The […]